USP&E presented preliminary Biomass Feasibility study to client in Sierra Leone

Jim Wessner, Bio Mass Program Manager and Glen Cox, Director of Engineering at USP&E spent more than a week in Sierra Leone gathering information for a biomass-to-energy power plant preliminary bankable feasibility study. A preliminary version of the study was presented to USP&E’s client London Mining in May.

The preliminary bankable feasibility study and presentation was conducted to help the client decide whether or not they wanted to spend the money to go forward with the full-feasibility study. London Mining was very receptive to the presentation, Wessner said, and understood that it was in its primal form.

It is the goal of USP&E to provide renewable and affordable energy in strategic growth countries by way of sun, wind, biomass and waste. Renewable energy and sustainable solutions as it relates to biomass includes anaerobic digestion through BioGas, Electricity Gasification— SynGas, Heat, Steam and Electricity.

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